Tarin’s RAW Recipes!!



3 thoughts on “Tarin’s RAW Recipes!!

    • You are very welcome Kat.
      I love how this wonderful treat is portable !!!!
      I rotate a fresh bag in my suv all the time for my family to enjoy.
      And enjoy, they do.
      Amazing what a dehydrator can do 🙂

  1. I learned how to make Tarin’s scrumptious kale chips. They are so far superior to those you pay big money for. The purchased ones have no flavor and Tarin’s recipe is extremely flavorful. It is hard to stop eating them. I made some for a class in Southern Oregon and everyone raved about them. These chips have a lot of body as well as crispness. The class members wondered if they could be baked in an oven. It is much too difficult to regulate the temperature in an oven. So, make these in a dehydrator. You won’t be sorry and have found another delicious snack food that is healthy.

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