RAW/LIVING Food Class 101

We live in times where most people don’t have time to plant, space to plant or the opportunity to grow our own food.

My Parents

My Parents

We head to the grocery store to purchase pre-made foods because we just don’t have time anymore to prepare home made meals.


God’s food Heals has classes to help you learn how to prepare God’s RAW/LIVING foods efficiently and fast.


We are a fully equipped traveling class room with all the supplies you would need to teach 20 people.


We have cutting boards, knives, plates, cups, towels and much more to show you and teach you what God intended humans to eat.


You will leave with the knowledge of how to work with living foods and bring home a ton of food to eat for days to come.


Call today to book a class of at least 10 students at a location of your choice today!!!






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